Penis envy mushroom

Penis Envy Psilocybe Cubensis Journey Report

penis envy mushroom cubensis shrooms journey report. Thirty minutes into the consequences, shiny visuals are approaching. You blink, attempting to see via the puffs and contours of blue and purple. Colors like blotches of paint are crawling on the partitions and crusing via the air like rippling sea-slugs. You contact one, feeling the color’s easy floor. An orange patch floats by, this one furry to the contact. You’re having enjoyable attending to know all the colors when a hand seems within the centre of the ground, rising to an arm. You shake the hand, asking it the place it got here from. A voice speaks from beneath the floorboards. It talks like an animal, spitting and hissing the phrases.

See Stuff Vanish Into Skinny Air

You possibly can’t perceive, but it surely pulls you towards it. Simply as you’re at your most scared, it permits you to go, and evaporates into the air. Left as a substitute is a tiny butterfly with open wings. It crawls onto your finger, batting its shiny blue wings playfully. You sweep the mud of its wings together with your different hand. It comes off like powder. You might be positive it’s an indication, positive that it saved you from the hand that may have dragged you down. The butterfly chirps like a fowl, notes excessive and shrill to your ears, however with a melody beneath them that fills you want a heat drink. You are feeling so full you possibly can burst, your coronary heart too large, too heat and sort to remain inside your physique. You thank the butterfly for all that it has given you, and watch it fly via your window and into the night time.

Penis Envy Magic Mushroom Data

CAP: P. Envy’s cap is 50mm in diameter, campanulate, and golden-brown to yellow in color. The floor is dry with spots from the common veil. Its white flesh quickly bruises to a bluish inexperienced when broken.

GILLS: The gill attachment is adnate to adnexed, and really shut. It’s greyish in color, maturing to a barely darker color in time. 

STEM: This thick mushie’s stem is 125-275mm in size, contorted and sometimes bulbous across the center. It’s pale yellow, with recent bluish inexperienced bruising when injured. The annular zone will be distinguished on the stem’s floor.

SPORES: The spores are few on this Shroom, however are often a darkish purplish brown color, and subellipsoid on four-spored basidia.

HABITAT: Hailing from Colombia, South America, this Shroom loves a great, subtropical local weather. If it’s dung enriched, even higher.

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