Five SEO Tasks Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

SEO VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS Most Internet Marketing entrepreneurs understand that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not just about doing technical web development stuff in the backend of someone’s site. In fact, it requires a lot of planning & execution, research, trial & error and Data entry, for the purpose of standing out of the crowd and […]

Why Accepting a Counter Offer Can Be Career Suicide

Counter offers are very common. Many people get caught up in the flattery and don’t realize that it’s detrimental to their careers to accept a counter offer. Picture this typical scenario: Greg has been unsatisfied with his job and feels like there’s no opportunity for growth. After interviewing with several other companies, he has managed […]

Make People Laugh With Your T-Shirts

In case you consider your self because the witty particular person in your group of buddies, you’re certain to like this new vogue pattern. They’re humorous t-shirts and mainly simply have humorous photos, graphics or phrases on them. In case you like making folks snicker, it is a distinctive manner to take action. You’ll not […]